Community Investment Program

Thank you for your interest in the Community Investment Program, a joint venture between Preston Wynne Saratoga, James Craig Haircolor & Design, Sent Sovi Restaurant, and Deja & Company, Exquisite Jewels. Rather than making in-kind donations for events, we’ve created the Community Investment Program in which we will make a direct investment in your organization based on a percentage of your spending.

You select the non-profit that you want to support; we enroll the non-profit in the program, and we track the sales that are “dedicated” to that non-profit. Three Percent (3%) of those sales will be set aside for your organization. This will happen year-round, not just during a specific campaign. Then, whenever an individual patronizes our businesses and designates that their spending benefit your organization, 3% of their sales are set aside. At the end of each quarter, each participant will make a separate and direct payment to your organization based upon sales at each participant’s place of business.

In order to be eligible for our program, please click here to fill out an application. Once your application has been completed and reviewed, we will email you a Community Investment Program Agreement, which must be signed and faxed to 408-877-3777.